Strategy & Value Creation

Strategy & Value Creation

Cashflow [icon]


cash flow

  • Production of approximately 76koz to 78koz/year from current operations1
  • Low cash costs target < $600oz
Optimize [icon]


of value

from current resources and infrastructure
  • Implementation of secondary milling and flotation at operations through Project ECHO based on proven metallurgical performance and operating technology
Growth [icon]



through further tailing treatment deals
  • Continuously exploring and evaluating potential surface resources and projects
Preserve [icon]


option value

in other assets and realise when possible
  • Would consider outright disposals, joint ventures, or spin-offs to maximise value to Sylvania's shareholders

Shareholder-friendly use of cash

Capital growth [icon]

Only commit

capital to growth projects

when internal hurdle rate is met
  • Funding Project ECHO from cash resources
Buy back shares [icon]


buy back of shares

when share price is lower than internal company valuation
  • Satisfy Sylvania Share Option Scheme exercises and bonus share awards to prevent any dilution to shareholders, or cancel shares to enhance shareholder returns
Future shareholders dividends [icon]


shareholder dividends

when liquidity and cash flow requirements for the business are met as per revised dividend guidelines

1 Steady state capacity including Project Echo modules, and subject to ore supply from the host mine FY2021 production target = 70,000oz 4E PGM

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