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The organisation’s human resource (HR) strategy follows our business strategy with key focus on performance and efficiencies. Our employment policies, procedures and practices take into account and comply with the relevant labour legislation of South Africa. Our recruitment initiatives focus on local communities in areas surrounding our operations.

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At the end of FY2019, the company employee complement totalled 480. Wherever possible, employees and contractors are sourced from the local communities within the various operations. In all areas in which we operate, a representative workforce is a moral and legislative imperative for the organisation. Sylvania actively supports the Employment Equity Act, and has established structures in place to ensure all barriers to achieving diversity are identified and actions are in place to combat these.

The Company furthermore has negotiated Recognition Agreements with Organised Labour, which regulate the industrial relationship, and include consultation and negotiation. No strikes nor lockouts occurred over the financial year. We endeavour to maintain peace and stability in our workforce at all times.


The Company implements a number of key programmes to build capacity and enhance skills development with a particular focus on youth. All training and development programmes are aligned with the Company’s strategic and operational goals. These include skills development, learnerships, internships, and supervisory and leadership development.

A number of training and development initiatives have been introduced to our staff. All the training programmes are credit-bearing and accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA). As an organisation, we are committed to the development of our staff and local communities. The organisation has an active Skills Development and Employment Equity Forum. The forum meets on a regular basis to address any skills and equity matters or any improvements that may be required.

A total of 201 employees attended training over the financial year. A large portion of the training includes statutory health and safety development programmes.

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Sylvania has introduced a formal learnership programme that is specifically aimed at community members from the local areas in which the Company operates. The current programmes focus on enhancing skills in various fields, namely electrical and fitting. The programmes will run over a 12-month period. The first candidates began courses in May 2019.

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Internship and experimental programmes

In support of our social drive among local communities, we introduced opportunities for internships and workplace experience. The internships will run over a 12-month period. The first candidates began the programme in May 2019.


Ongoing engagement with local communities is necessary to understand, manage and respond to community concerns and expectations. As a Company, we regularly support various local development projects approved by our host mine. During the last financial year, Sylvania was involved in a number of community development programmes, including:

During the last financial year, Sylvania was involved in a number of community development programmes, including:

Feeding scheme

The Company is assisting Itireleng Community Home-Based Care with a monthly feeding scheme

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School uniform and equipment

The Company initiated a number of school care projects. These projects included:
  • Sponsorship of sporting equipment for the Bokomoso community’s Youth Day celebration (Sylvania sponsored soccer kits, soccer balls, linesmen flags and refreshments for 200 people)
  • New sports attire for the Steelpoort team’s tour
  • Masha Primary School (close to our Tweefontein operations) received donations for new school uniforms
  • Cleaning of the Magakantshe Primary School yard

Maintenance and construction work

  • Financial assistance for maintenance at Rehlahleng Special School
  • Installation of a fence around the Rataneng Disabled and Old Age Home at Ribacross
  • Cement for the building of a local church
  • Maintenance and repair of the borehole and pump for the local Makgemeng community


  • Financial assistance for the repair of the Malekane community’s tribal authority vehicle
  • Sponsorship and installation of 10 benches at Ikemeleng Community Clinic
  • Sponsorship of 10 single beds, sheets, duvets, pillows and towels for Kopano Care Centre in Bapong

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