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There were no significant occupational health or environmental incidents during the period, but in terms of safety, the SDO experienced one lost-time injury (“LTI”) where an operator suffered a leg injury at Lesedi, resulting in the operation losing its record of being LTI-free for more than eight years.

Safety records at most other operations remain solid. Tweefontein and Doornbosch both remain LTI-free for more than seven years, while Millsell and Lannex are LTI-free for five years.

The Group continues to focus on health, safety and environmental compliance, and through the collaborative efforts of management and all employees across the operations, we strive to maintain high safety standards and plant conditions. A new safety campaign launched in December 2019 at both the Eastern and Western operations has further assisted in enhancing the culture of a safe working environment and will continue to do so in the future.

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