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Safety [icon]Focusing on and ensuring that employees' health and safety remains a priority, especially during the challenging times that we are experiencing with COVID-19 at the moment, and to ensure full compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation and procedures, requires a relentless effort and management teams across the Group's operations remain committed to this goal.

Both the Tweefontein and Doornbosch operations have achieved the significant industry milestone of eight years Lost-time Injury ("LTI") free during June 202, while Millsell is approaching six years LTI-free in September 2020.

While there were no significant occupational health or environmental incidents reported during the quarter, Mooinooi unfortunately suffered one LTI during June 2020 related to a slip and fall incident where an employee dislocated his shoulder.

Impact of COVID-19 and South African Government Imposed Lockdown

More than four months have elapsed since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in South Africa but the pandemic is only expected to peak in the country during August/September 2020, particularly in those provinces in which the Group operates.  President Ramaphosa, in his address tot he nation on 23 July 2020, confirmed that South Africa has now risen to the fifth highest positive COVID-19 cases in the world, but thankfully has one of the lowest mortality rates.  Although the country has managed to successfully delay the spread of the virus by working together, he reiterated that the virus will be with us for many months to come and the next few weeks will put the country's "resources and resolve to the test as never before".

 Although operations were not able to operate during the hard lockdown period, the Group has been in the fortunate position to continue to pay all employee salaries, which eased any potential financial burden on employees as a result of the pandemic.  Having commenced with scaled-down operations in May 2020, management has implemented various initiatives in order to safeguard employees.  Sylvania supports the lockdown measures implemented by the Government and our priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees both during the lockdown and especially now that operations have recommenced.

The Company has had eleven confirmed COVID-19 cases recorded amongst its employees as at 27 July 2020.  However, thankfully, three of the employees have already fully recovered and returned to work and the other employees are currently recovering in isolation after experiencing mild symptoms of the virus.  We are also aware of some employees who have either had to deal with infected family members or who have had to deal with the loss of close family members that unfortunately succumbed to the virus.  Our support and prayers go out to all those affected during this challenging period.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of all our employees and their families remain a key priority for the Company and we are adhering to the Government's special regulations and Guidelines that have been provided by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy ("DMRE") with reference to COVID-19.  Management will contineu to ensure that the necessary controls are in place to minimise exposure to the virus in the workplace and also that these controls are stringently enforced as required by our respective policies and procedures. 

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