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While dealing with the emergence of COVID-19 and its associated challenges, the operations continue to focus on health, safety and environmental compliance. The Company is proud to report that there were no significant health or environmental incidents reported during the year and both the Tweefontein and Doornbosch operations have achieved the significant industry milestone of eight years’ lost-time injury (LTI) free during June 2020. Millsell has remained LTI-free for more than five years.

The Company remains fatality-free since inception in 2006, but the operations regrettably recorded three LTI’s for this financial year: one each at Lesedi, Lannex and Mooinooi during the second, third and fourth quarters respectively. A key focus area for management is to ensure that every LTI that is recorded is fully investigated and corrective measures are implemented to ensure no recurrences are experienced in future.

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in the country, management has focused on identifying and minimising the various risks posed by the pandemic to employees and contractors. Besides the various systems and physical measures being put in place to safeguard employees and curb the spread of the virus, management also assisted employees by maintaining full salaries during the COVID-19 lockdown period and offering social relief to neighbouring communities in terms of the distribution of food parcels at a time when many people in the country lost their income.

The Company has been very fortunate that it has had only 14 confirmed COVID-19 cases recorded amongst its employees to date, with all affected employees thankfully recovered and returned to work after experiencing mild symptoms of the virus.

Focusing on and ensuring that employees’ health and safety remains a priority, especially during the challenging times, and to ensure full compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation and procedures, requires a relentless effort. Management teams across the Group’s operations remain committed to this goal. Through the collaborative efforts of management and all employees across the operations, we strive to maintain high safety standards and a safe working environment at all operations.

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