Stakeholder engagement

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Our stakeholder engagement is presented in quarterly reports in the month following the quarter end, an interim report at the end of the first half of the financial year, including the half year financial statements, as well as an annual report including the full year financial statements.

As and when management and our Board considers it material, information is announced to the public as soon as reasonably possible after a decision has been mandated in terms of the requirements of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The Board also conducts Investor Roadshows following the release of the Half Year and Annual Results. All of the presentations, announcements and reports are placed on the Company’s website where they are available to the public at any time. Whenever possible, shareholders’ queries are addressed via email although replies are limited by the availability of information that has already been shared with the public. In these communiqués, we stress that information will be released to the public as soon as it has been deemed significant and shareholders are advised accordingly.

Monthly meetings with employees and Plant management are conducted around work-related issues and addressed according to Company mandates. Monthly and quarterly meetings are held with local communities on matters regarding unemployment, business opportunities, training and education, and the Company actively assists where the opportunity allows.

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