Our strategy

In order to strengthen our position as a low-risk specialist in the low-cost production of PGMs, Sylvania operates according to the following business priorities:

  • identifying projects that balance minimal operational and financial risk with the potential for high margins;
  • ensuring that the management teams are always well resourced with the right combination of skills;
  • building a network of cash-generative businesses where revenues from tailings operations can be invested in the development of longer-term mining projects; and
  • maintaining operational efficiencies that are above industrial averages, through focused intervention and innovation.

Growth is an important goal for Sylvania and the key drivers of our long-term strategy for sustained growth are:

  • Operational excellence – to get more from what we have
  • Resource growth – to get more of what we have
  • Shallow and open-cast mining and exploration – to move Sylvania’s integration ultimately from being only a tailings treatment company to a vertically integrated PGM mining producer
  • Strategic alliances – to provide access to appropriate skills sets such as downstream processing

Photo gallery

Photo gallery