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Our actions will support the communities in which we work while honouring their heritage and traditions.

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Quality Education:

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Development programmes, mentioned above, are not limited to employees, but extend into our mining communities, illustrating our commitment to communities beyond the mine gate. Current programmes offered by the Company focus on enhancing skills in various fields, e.g., fitting and turning and electrical competencies. The current 36-month programme, launched in May 2019, has three participants and the learners’ progress is carefully monitored in order to place them in suitable positions on completion of their courses.

Sylvania introduced a Milling & Floatation training module as part of the development drive for the local communities surrounding our operations. The programme was successfully introduced in 2020, and it runs for a six-month period. The programme for the current year started in April/May this year, with a total of 24 intakes from our operations.

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