Our vision, mission and values


Being the best mid-tier platinum and associated metals producer in the world.


To grow our low-cost and efficient business by leveraging our existing asset base and continuing innovation through existing and future strategic partnerships, while proactively considering commodity and geographic diversification. Creating value for stakeholders by being an innovative, agile and sustainable operator of choice.


  • We value the safety and health of all

    • Employees are at the heart of our company
    • We place their safety and health above all else in everything that we do
  • We value the fundamental rights of people

    • We treat all people with dignity and respect
  • We value honesty and integrity

    • We act honestly and show integrity by continually striving towards “doing what we say we are going to do” and showing commitment towards our accountabilities of delivering high performance outcomes, thus projecting an image of professionalism and meeting the expectations of our colleagues, investors, business partners and social partners
  • We respect the environment

    • We act in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally responsible, applying professional and innovative methods
  • We value the culture, traditional rights and society in which we operate

    • Our actions will support the communities in which we work while honouring their heritage and traditions

27 November 2023

17 November 2023

13 November 2023

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7 September 2023

Annual Report FY2023

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